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Apr 2024

5 Delicious Halal Breakfast Ideas For Every Morning

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, without tasty halal breakfast ideas, you might be tempted to skip it altogether. But eating breakfast has plenty of benefits, and there’s an endless list of delicious halal breakfasts to try.

If you’re ready to switch up your breakfast routine, keep reading. We’ve taken some of our favourites from the Cafe Lovelife menu to help you find your next go-to. Scroll down to find out more.

Halal Breakfast Ideas For All Palates

Whether you’re looking for halal breakfast ideas with eggs or simply want more Muslim breakfast recipes, we’re here to help. 

We’ve gathered five unique halal breakfast ideas from the Cafe Lovelife menu to inspire your menu. Each is certified halal and mixes Mediterranean influences with nutritious ingredients. You won’t forget these anytime soon, we promise!

1. Full Mediterranean Breakfast: Chicken, Chilli & Maple Sausage

First on the list is one of our halal English breakfast ideas. Nothing beats a morning fry-up, especially on the weekend. 

But this option is different from the usual greasy spoon grub. This halal full Mediterranean breakfast offers Chicken, Chilli & Maple Sausage, poached eggs, stuffed mushrooms, confit tomatoes, patatas bravas, and smoked paprika beans.

We’ve swapped hash browns for a Spanish alternative and opted for a Chicken, Chilli & Maple Sausage to ensure the plate is packed full of flavours. 

Perfect for a tasty morning wake-up call any day of the week.

Full Mediterranean Breakfast at Lovelife

2. Full Mediterranean Breakfast: Grilled Halloumi

Looking for a veggie-approved halal English breakfast? We’ve got that covered, too.

Our second Mediterranean take on the English breakfast is vegetarian and also bursting with healthy flavours. With grilled halloumi, stuffed mushrooms, confit tomatoes, poached eggs, smoked paprika beans, and, of course, patatas bravas, this plate will make you smile. 

So, stop scrolling and searching for “halal breakfast ideas vegetarian.” This halloumi pick will satisfy your morning cravings.

3. Avacado Smash Toast, Feta, Sumac Onions

If you’re on the hunt for easy halal breakfast ideas, avacado smashed toast will be up your street. This vegan take on scrambled eggs blends flavour and plant-based protein for a winning combination.

Cafe Lovelife’s avacado smash also includes focaccia toast, feta & sumac onions. Ultimately, this halal breakfast is about infusing Mediterranean spices with a classic. Yum.

Man & Women having breakfast around a table together.

4. Aberdeen Angus Sirloin & Fried Eggs

Plant-based breakfasts aren’t the only category on our halal breakfast menu. We cater to all diets, and next on our list is the Aberdeen Angus sirloin plate. If you want a breakfast that will set you up for the day, this is the one to select. 

Grab an Aberdeen Angus sirloin steak and pair it with fried eggs and patatas bravas for a substantial morning meal.

When you dine at the Cafe Lovelife restaurant, you have the choice between a 4oz and 8oz plate. It's up to you!

Steak & Eggs breakfast at Lovelife

5. Focaccia Sandwiches

It’s thought that the first breakfast sandwiches appeared in East London in the 19th century. These were egg sandwiches made for factory workers by street vendors. 

Today, the breakfast sandwich takes many forms — and our modern focaccia sandwiches are all halal. If you’re searching for unique halal breakfast ideas, these could be the match for you. 

Cafe Lovelife’s focaccia sandwich offerings include:

  • Harissa Chicken, Roasted Pepper Hummus, Rocket
  • Spinach & Pea Falafel, Harissa Pesto, Rocket
  • Homemade Salt Beef, Mustard Aioli, Crispy Onion, Rocket

No matter your diet, there’s a halal breakfast sandwich for you. These are perfect for quick-eats and bridging the gap between breakfast and lunch. 

Plus, when you’re making them at home, you can be creative with your ingredients. Just make sure you’re using a fresh and fluffy focaccia.

Why You Should Mix Up Your Halal Breakfast Ideas

Hopefully, these Muslim breakfast recipes have inspired you to embrace eating in the morning. But we’re here to help if you need further inspiration. 

Below are some extra benefits of experimenting with new halal breakfast ideas:

  • Studies show that breakfast nutrients significantly impact your overall daily nutrient intake. 
  • Eating breakfast can lower stress levels and improve your emotional well-being.
  • Changing up your breakfast menu introduces you to different flavours and recipes. 
  • Cooking different Muslim breakfast recipes can enhance your cooking skills.
  • Eating breakfast with friends and family is a great way to bond and enhance your relationships. 

So, grab your calendars and plan a big breakfast date now!

Unique Halal Breakfasts At Cafe Lovelife

Did any of the halal breakfast ideas above catch your eye? Save yourself the time and mess from cooking at home. Allow the expert chefs at Cafe Lovelife to cook up a storm for you. 

Cafe Lovelife is a Digbeth-based restaurant dedicated to great tastes, halal ingredients, and social dining. 

Say hello and give our halal breakfasts a go. Book now.

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