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Apr 2024

7 of The Best Wine Bars In Birmingham City Centre

Red, white, rose, or natural? No matter your palate, the coolest wine bars in Birmingham have a glass for you to savour. 

From sophisticated joints to laidback settings, this city boasts a range of wine bars and an exciting variety of options. Think European wines, organic tipples, and tipples from far away. Plus, these bars are operated by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. With these professionals by your side, you don’t need to be a grape variety expert.

Without further ado, let’s count down the seven best wine bars in Birmingham.

Three friends sat around a table in Cafe Lovelife sharing a bottle of red wine.

1. Cafe LoveLife

First on the list is Cafe Lovelife, a relaxed social eatery where you can taste the Mediterranean in Europe. If you've been craving the taste of wines from the Med, this is the place for you. Think fruity grapes, hints of almond, and dry Italian flavours. Divine. 

Cafe Lovelife also stocks a range of organic wines from small producers and vineyards. So, if you're curious about trying something new and supporting some independent businesses, this is one of the best Birmingham wine bars for you. Don't forget a round of authentic Mediterranean small plates to accompany your bottle!

Among Cafe Lovelife's carefully curated selection, three standout wines proudly grace their menu. First, the Picpoul de Pinet, sourced from hand-harvested grapes nestled in sandy Montagnac soils, offers a crisp, herbal delight with a hint of butteriness. Following suit is the Falerio Oris, an organic blend from Le Marche, boasting fresh, vibrant notes of honeysuckle, peach, and lychee. Lastly, the Greco di Tufo, a gem from Gabriella Ferrara's family-run estate, showcases exquisite minerality and rich flavours of almond, hazelnut, golden apple, peach, and cinnamon. Each sip tells a story, inviting patrons to savour the essence of the Mediterranean right here in Birmingham.

2. Vagabond Wines Birmingham 

A classic spot for a glass of vino, Vagabond Wines Birmingham is a great solution for an after work drink or a catch up with your friends. As the first Vagabond bar outside of London, this is a well-known bar — and it lives up to its reputation. Here, you can explore over 100 wines by the glass. What more can you ask for?

The Vagabond Wines menu groups wines by style, with the main categories being whites, reds, skin contact (roses and orange wines), and others (sweet and fortified wines). Whether you’re a beginner or an aficionado, you’ll find something to make you smile here.

3. Fumo Selfridges Birmingham

Few expect one of Birmingham’s best wine bars to be in a department store, but Fumo Selfridges Birmingham proves most wrong. This restaurant and bar offers Italian fare, cocktails, and a large selection of champagnes and wines. This wine bar will satisfy your craving if you fancy a glass of bubbly.

Inside of Fumo in Selfridges

Fumo's wine menu includes wines from northern Italy, central Italy, southern Italy, and the islands. Get ready to tour from Trentino to Sicilia via grape varieties. You can also explore prosecco, champagne, and other sparkling wines alongside Italian wines. A must for those with an interest in wine geography.

4. Loki Wine Bar 

If you want to skip the food and visit a no-frills wine bar, note down Loki Wine Bar. As Birmingham’s most awarded wine bar and shop, this team of experts know the ropes and are keen to show you the world of fine wines. 

This independent team takes pride in their collection of over 600 meticulously selected wines from more than 20 countries. Whether you're looking for a casual glass, a bottle to take home, or a professional tasting experience, Loki Wine Bar has you covered. They even offer virtual tasting sessions, bringing the world of wine to your living room.

Wooden tables and chairs in front of a large shelf containing wine.

5. Grace + James

Calling all dedicated wine drinkers. Grace + James is an independent natural wine bar and shop for your next date night. This location focuses on organic, natural, and biodynamic wines without additives, chemicals, and nasty pesticides. If you’re curious about the natural wine trend, this is where to start.

Alongside wines, Grace + James offers British and European cheese, charcuterie, and local beers. You’ll find this team in Kings Heath, three miles south of the city centre. So, it’s further away, but absolutely worth the extra travel.

6. The Bubble Lounge 

Nestled in the Hotel du Vin Birmingham, The Bubble Lounge offers an extensive wine list, excellent champagnes, and refined cocktails. From juicy reds and dry whites to dessert wines and port, the bar covers all bases. The bar is also known for its list of 30 champagnes, so don’t skip this recommendation if you’re partial to bubbly. 

The Bubble Lounge Birmingham

For those seeking personalised recommendations, the Bubble Lounge is the perfect starting point. The knowledgeable team, well-versed in the art of wine, is always eager to share their expertise and provide detailed insights on grapes and wine regions. 

7. Arch 13 At Connolly’s 

Arch 13 At Connolly’s is a family-owned and operated wine bar and retail shop that’s been shipping wine into Birmingham since 1906. So, if you’re searching for a team with expert know-how, you can trust these heritage wine sellers. 

Though you can pop in and buy a bottle, Arch 13 At Connolly’s isn’t just a decadent shop. You can also enjoy a glass (or two) and nibble on British meats, cheeses, and small plates. The team is always on hand to help with pairings and recommendations. Prepare for a personalised evening provided by pros. 

The Coolest Wine Bars in Birmingham — Perfection In Every Sip

Wine bars can be intimidating if you’re new to the scene. However, these wine bars in Birmingham are all about making good wine accessible. So, whether you’re keen to learn or just want a glass you’ll enjoy, bookmark this page and add these bars to your calendar. We’ll save the first sip for you!

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