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Jun 2024

6 Authentic Greek Delis and Bakeries in Birmingham

Fancy an on-the-go baklava? Want some fresh olives to add extra flavour to your cooking? You need Greek delis and bakeries in your life. 

Put the supermarket feta down! Greek imports always taste better from a specialised shop. Greek delis and bakeries import authentic ingredients from Greece to ensure you’re getting an actual taste of the Med, not just an imitation. Naí!

In this blog, you’ll find the best Greek delis in Birmingham so you can shop with confidence. We’ve also added a few of the best Greek bakeries in Birmingham, so you don’t miss out on any sweet treats. Now let’s get into it.

1. Cafe Lovelife

First on the list is Cafe Lovelife, a Mediterranean restaurant focusing on authentic recipes and simple dining. Based in Digbeth, Cafe Lovelife strives to provide genuine Greek cuisine (amongst others) to all curious diners. Perfect for a light bite or a relaxed evening meal.

The Greek and Mediterranean-inspired pastries on the Cafe Lovelife menu include date and cinnamon rolls, lemon and pistachio rolls, and YQ custard tarts. You can also treat yourself to meze plates of nocellara olives, roasted pepper hummus, and feta salads. No matter your palette, this modern dining spot has a plate to try.

Alongside a carefully curated menu, Cafe Lovelife also hosts tapas takeover nights. The Greek Meze tapas takeover night included fresh plates and Hellenic bits, such as patates lemonates, psari plaki, spanakopita, and many more. Stay in the loop so you don’t miss the next!

Greek inspired pastries at Cafe Lovelife Birmingham

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2. All Greek Street Food

Want to get yourself some Greek goodies without committing to a sit-down meal? The All Greek Street Food restaurant in Birmingham City Centre can help. While not a 100% Greek deli in Birmingham, this street food restaurant allows you to pick and choose your favourite Greek bites and even order at your front door. 

From the classic gyros skepasti to the irresistible halloumi fries, the All Greek Street Food restaurant in Birmingham City Centre is a treasure trove of top Greek specials. This is the perfect place to satisfy your pita craving. Other options include refreshing Greek salads, authentic kalamata olives, creamy fresh feta cheese, and flavorful Greek wraps.

3. Yamas Mediterranean Street Food Bullring  

Located within the iconic Bullring Centre, Yamas Mediterranean Street Food offers freshly baked pastries and desserts. If you have a sweet tooth or are looking for a Greek bakery in Birmingham, this is a spot to add to your shopping rotation. 

Here, you’ll find Greek staples like baklava and plenty of other Mediterranean delights — like Turkish delights! Baked goods, sweets, and olives are also available. Ideal if you want to treat yourself to some snacks while out and about in the city.

Rows of golden baklava pastries

4. Marios Mediterranean Foods

Marios Mediterranean Foods is the answer to your Greek deli in Birmingham search. Based in the Birmingham Greek and Cypriot Centre, this company strives to bring fresh and quality produce to all customers. You can also order online to receive Greek groceries without having to lift a finger. Easy. 

Items on the Marios Mediterranean Foods deli menu include savoury items like genuine feta. But don’t ignore the range of Greek pastries and desserts! Pick up some kataifi (shredded pastry with almonds and syrup) or bougatsa (a frozen sweet cream pudding). You can get in touch with the team via phone, email, or Facebook.

5. Greek House 

Greek House is a Selly Oak-based eatery owned and operated by independent founders. This isn’t a dedicated deli or bakery. However, you can order delicious Greek street food and pick up popular Greek ingredients like olives, feta cheese, tyrosalata, and more.

Other popular foods at Greek House include halloumi cheese, stuffed vine leaves, tirokroketes, tzatziki, and fresh pita bread. You can also order Greek salads, dakos salads, skewer souvlaki, pita gyro wraps, skepasti, mixed grills, and more. Do you fancy a dessert, or are you looking for Greek bakeries in Birmingham? Try the Greek baklava, kadaifi, or banoffee pie. 

6. Mix Flafel & Sweet

When it comes to Greek pastries, baklava is an all-time star. Feast on fresh pastries and baklava baked goods at Mix Flafel & Sweet, a Dudley Road-based shop. Again, this isn’t a dedicated Greek bakery in Birmingham. However, it does offer sublime baklava and plenty of Middle Eastern sweets, hummus, falafel, and wraps. 

From knafeh to znoud el-sit, plenty of delicacies are found in this authentic shop. Plus, all batches of baked goods are made fresh. You won’t find any frozen or fakes here! Don’t miss out on the natural raisin juice. This unique drink is one of the most popular products and pairs perfectly with oven-hot baklava. 

Delis and Greek Bakeries in Birmingham - The Conclusion

At first glance, finding authentic Greek foods in Birmingham might seem like a challenge. But if you know where to look, you can easily stock your pantry with popular deli ingredients and baked goods. Save this page so you don’t lose these expert foodie recommendations!

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