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May 2024

The Undisputed Best Lebanese Restaurants in Birmingham

Birmingham is home to a vibrant culinary scene, with options from every corner of the globe. With so many options at your fingertips, knowing which to try next can be difficult. But we have a hint — Birmingham’s excellent Lebanese restaurants!

With colourful spices and rich flavours, Lebanese food comes in many shapes and forms. Plus, if you don't fancy a meat feast, there’s always something for veggies and vegans. From tabbouleh and shawarma, we're counting down the best Lebanese restaurants in Birmingham and similar Middle Eastern eateries today. Scroll down to learn more!

Lebanese Restaurants in Birmingham You Need To Try

Get inspired and save your seat. Below, you’ll find the best Lebanese restaurants in Birmingham. 

Some only offer Lebanese fare, and some provide a fusion of Lebanese and other Middle Eastern influences. An expert foodie has handpicked each, so go forth and enjoy!

1. Cafe Lovelife

First on the list is Cafe Lovelife, a Digbeth-based restaurant dedicated to relaxed social dining and inclusive eating. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines inspire this restaurant, and there are plenty of Lebanese dishes on the menu. Get ready to devour spinach and pea falafel focaccia with harissa pesto. Or dive into a harissa chicken and roasted pepper hummus dish. The choice is yours!

Other excellent dishes include lamb kofte, buffalo mozzarella caprese salad, mezze plates, tapas, sea bream fillets, crispy oyster mushrooms, and more. For a symphony of flavours, it has to be Cafe Lovelife!

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2. Syriana

Located in Birmingham’s city centre, Syriana allows guests to sample genuine Lebanese and Syrian cuisine. This restaurant is dedicated to traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, creating a Lebanese ambience. Expect Middle Eastern decor and occasional belly dancers!

At Syriana, the menu is a delightful journey through the rich culinary traditions of Lebanon. From the popular shawarmas and wraps, to the flavorful falafel meals, halloumi plates, lamb wraps, mixed grills, farrouj meshwi, kofta plates, and a selection of seafood dishes, there's something to satisfy every palate. This is the place to be if you’re seeking an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Birmingham.

3. Tabule Kitchen

Tabule Kitchen is a 15-minute drive south of the city centre in Mosely, but it’s worth the journey. This Moroccan and Lebanese restaurant in Birmingham always delivers fantastic and fresh food. With warm Lebanese decor and a menu packed with delicious meals, Tabule Kitchen is quickly becoming a favourite for Middle Eastern food.

The Tabule Kitchen menu boasts cold mezze, shawarma, mashawai grills, sharing platters, tagines, tabkh mains, falafel plates, and even a hummus bar. No matter your dietary requirements, there’s something unique for everyone at this energetic eatery.

Lebanese meal with mixed salad, figs, pomegranate seeds, hummus, and bread.

4. Comptoir Libanais

Looking for a Lebanese restaurant in the Bullring and Grand Central centre? Add Comptoir Libanais to your weekend plans. This dynamic restaurant combines Lebanese, North African, and Middle Eastern dishes to give you a truly unique experience. It's ideal for those dining with a group of friends with varied palettes!

When you dine here, you can sample mezze platters, tabbouleh plates, Lebanese wings, and plenty more classics. But the foodie fun doesn’t stop there. You can also enjoy grills, warm bread plates, burgers, tagines, and open-wrap platters. Don’t forget to browse the dessert section! With baklava and rosewater mouhalabieh, you’re spoiled for choice. 

5. Palmyra Syrian & Lebanese Restaurant

Another Moseley-based restaurant, Palmyra Syrian & Lebanese Restaurant, guarantees authentic foods and a relaxed atmosphere. You’ll have to travel 15 minutes from the city centre to enjoy these delicacies, but it’s an excellent spot for a date night or meal with friends. 

Stand-out categories on the Palmyra menu include fresh wraps, charcoal grill plates, hearty soups, breakfast dishes, and fresh coffee. All of the best Lebanese options are present, from shawarma grills to special mixed mezze platters. You can even grab a loaded milkshake if you fancy something sweet!

6. Al-Bader

Situated in the southeast area of Sparkbrook, Al-Bader is a Lebanese and Moroccan restaurant dedicated to providing an eclectic range of Middle Eastern dishes with fresh ingredients. This team also uses family recipes to ensure the food tastes as authentic and delicious as possible. With over ten years of experience, the Al-Bader team have honed their craft and built a community of like-minded foodies. Will you join them?

Falafel, shawarma, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, hummus, and kebabs are all part of the Al-Bader menu. There’s also a breakfast menu with shakshuka, kofta tagine, omelettes, and Lebanese pies. These will help you kick-start your day, no questions asked!

Middle Eastern & Lebanese Restaurants in Birmingham - The Bottom Line

Whether you’ve been craving falafel and shawarma or want to break out of your culinary comfort zone and try something new, this list of Lebanese restaurants in Birmingham is here to help. Bookmark the list today so you don’t forget these top picks, and be sure to book ahead to claim your table! 

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