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Jun 2024

Wine Night at Lovelife

This Friday is WINE NIGHT at Lovelife!

• 6pm-7pm - “Last One Standing” - Wine Tasting
• 7pm-Close - Two-For-One on all wine all night long!

Wine Tasting

Our "Last One Standing" wine tasting event mixes wine knowledge with fun & entertainment. As you journey through our selection of six diverse wines, you'll expand your knowledge and engage in friendly competition. The goal? To be the last guest standing by answering questions that test your wine expertise. Scroll down for more details on the tasting event.

Two-For-One Wine

Then From 7pm onwards you can enjoy Two-For-One on all wine all night long! Whether you’re in for a quick glass or coming to enjoy a bottle (or two 🤪) - You can take advantage of our entire range: from the house pairings to premium selections - red, white, orange & fizz

What to Expect - Wine Tasting

Embark on a journey through six distinct wines carefully selected to intrigue and delight your palate. But here's the twist - it's not just about sipping and savoring; it's about putting your wine knowledge to the test in a friendly competition. With each tasting, you'll face questions designed to challenge your understanding of wine characteristics, origins, and flavor profiles. Get ready to engage your senses, expand your wine wisdom, and have a blast!

Wines for the Game:

White: Casa Maria Verdejo
White: Picpoul de Pinet
Orange: Vincenzo Bianco Orange
Red: Salice Salentino
Sparkling Red: Lambrusco Donati Camillo
Sweet: Moscatel Dorato

Questions to Consider:

As you savour each wine, ponder these questions:Is it heavy or light?
Oaked or Unoaked?
Young or old?
Which country is it from? (Italy, France, Spain)Organic or not? (Hint: they're all organic!)
High acid or low acid?High sugar or low sugar?
Main tasting notes?
Food that pairs best?
Tiebreaker Question: Guess the vintage of one of the wines. The closest guess wins!

• Book your wine tasting spot via the website £25 per person

• For by-one-get-one-free - Food & table bookings via website or phone, walk-ins, bar service also welcome.

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