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Jun 2024

Wine Tastings in Birmingham: The Best of

Red, white, rose, or orange?

Discovering your taste in wines is an exciting journey. But it’s also one that’s best done with an expert. After all, how else will you know the notes and pairings of each bottle? 

If you’re looking to try wine tasting in Birmingham, you’re in the right place. We believe that tastings and experiences should be accessible, fun, and nothing like a boring lecture. In this article, you’ll find the best wine-related events and tastings so you can test something new without spending hours researching.

Grab a glass and start scrolling!

What Happens in a Wine Tasting?

Before we jump into the events and wine tastings in Birmingham, we’ll quickly give an overview of wine tasting. 

Wine tastings can be perceived as snobby or stuffy. However, they’re actually far from it! They’re relaxed events where an expert talks you through a curated selection of wines, allowing you to sip and savour each flavour. 

Typically, the guide will explain the unique qualities of each wine, have you smell the scent, and then encourage a tasting. You’ll only sip small amounts of each, and sometimes, paired snacks will be served to show how wine compliments food. 

Do You Spit the Wine Out?

The notion of spitting good wine out may offend some readers — but it does happen at some tastings. This limits the effect of the alcohol and keeps your senses sharp. 

Basically, it prevents you from getting too tipsy to taste the wines.

Spitting isn’t a thing at all wine events. Most wine events in Birmingham provide smaller amounts, so guests don’t get too merry too quickly!

5 Exquisite Wine Tastings in Birmingham To Book

Prepare your taste buds. Here are some of the best wine tastings in Birmingham you need to know about.

A person pouring white wine into a glass at a table with several glasses of red wine, with people chatting in the background

1. Cafe LoveLife

Wine nights at Cafe LoveLife are always a delight. Here, you embark on a vino journey with six distinct wines selected for their intriguing qualities. The wine roster here usually includes whites, reds, sparkling, sweet, and trendy orange wines. A true voyage through the genres!

What puts Cafe LoveLife’s wine events above the others is their secret twist. Alongside sipping, guests can put their learning to the test with friendly competition. You’ll be quizzed on wine origins, flavour profiles, and characteristics. So, whether you’re ready to win or want to try an array of fine wines in a laid back setting, add a stop at Cafe LoveLife to your planner.

Learn more about the event and book here 

A table with Italian appetizers, including arancini, olives, and dipping sauces, along with a glass of amber-coloured drink in the center.

2. Loki Wine

Calling all fromage fans! Loki Wine’s cheese and wine tastings are where you’ll thrive. These events help you discover new wines and cheeses that compliment their flavour profiles, perfect if you’re looking for a tasting that combines drinking and eating. 

Loki Wine tastings include seven pairings, usually covering white, red, sparkling, and sweet wines. You can book tastings in the company’s city centre store, Edgbaston location, and Knowle shop. Prefer cosy nights at home? Loki Wine also offers online tastings via Zoom. Easy.

3. Wine Unearthed 

If you want to pair a wine-tasting session with larger meals, Wine Unearthed is the perfect place for you. This Bank restaurant provides three-course lunch sessions where you can taste up to 15 different wines. Naturally, this is a longer event and runs from 11 am to 4 pm. Don’t head back to work after a few meals here!

The wine-tasting lunches at Wine Unearthed include six white wines, three wines with lunch, and six red wines in the afternoon. With these wines, you travel the world without leaving the room. The wine list always includes tipples from different corners of the world to show you various styles, tastes, and finishes.

4. Vagabond Wines

Want to sample high-quality wines without a formal tasting list? No problem. Vagabond Wines is a Birmingham-based wine bar that serves over 100 wines by the glass. Here, you can taste plenty of different flavours as quickly or as slowly as you want. You’re the guide!

However, if you do want an expert’s input, you can join Vagabond Wine’s Cheese + Wine Masterclass. These organised sessions provide five cheeses and five wines, plus in-depth facts you can wow your friends with later. 

5. Thirty Fifty 

Thirty Fifty is a Birmingham-based company dedicated to enjoyable wine tastings. From private tastings to corporate wine events, these experts know how to provide an informative and entertaining session. That’s why they’re an award-winning tasting company!

This team provides several different wine-tasting experiences, including Thai wine tastings, chocolate and wine events, and classic wine tastings. You can also book one-day wine courses and WSET-level wine courses for those who want official qualifications.

Wine Tasting Birmingham - Book & Enjoy

Are you ready to sip and swirl like a pro? 

Hopefully, this list has inspired you to try a new dynamic experience. Whether for a date night or an evening with your friends, wine tastings in Birmingham are always a great idea. Plus, you’ll have bragging rights next time you’re at the wine shop and know which grapes are which!

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